If you love the idea of having a family film about this time in your life, like a memory you and your kids can replay anytime, this session is made for you. A family film is like breathing life into a photography.   And  you deserve to be on your family films and photos, we have so many photos and videos and we are usually the ones behind camera.

Some parents worry about their kids not having a good behavior while I’m there filming, or that a family film could not be possible with their family dynamic but the idea about a family film with me is that I’ll make it work, all my art including family films is about knowing how to capture love and make those vulnerable, real moments in your life a beautiful piece of art, because that is what life is, Art in its truest form.

It all begins with a phone call with me where we plan your session around what is most important and meaningful to you.



Session Planning Call + 2-3hr Session in home or outdoors + 3-5 Min Expertly Crafted Film designed with Licensed Music + All Post Production Grading and Editing + 10-20 High Res Images.

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